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Fish Passage Data

 South Fork John Day Watershed Passage Barrier Inventory Data Sheets

Cougar Gulch Data Sheets             Deer Creek Data Sheets Murderers Ck Data Sheets
Cougar culvert

1.Dry stream channel at the mouth of Deer Cr

2.Deer Cr Falls at RM 0.35

3.Buck Cr lower culvert

4.Blue Cr middle culvert

5.Blue Cr upper culvert

6.Corral Cr wooden culvert

7. Sfk of Deer Cr rock check dams

8. Nfk of Deer Cr rock check dams

9. Sfk of Deer lowest culvert

10.Vester Cr at huge boulder

11.Buck Cr culvert at 308 Rd_

12.Deer Cr natural falls 3.5 mi above mouth

13.Deer Cr culvert at Buck Cr Rd

14.Deer Cr culvert at Vester Cr Rd

15.Deer Cr culvert near Thorpe Cr

16.Deer Cr culvert at Corral Cr rd

17.Deer Cr culvert at old 089 Rd

18.Deer Cr culvert at 599 rd. 

(upper boundary of Steelhead Critical Habitat)

19.Sfk Deer Cr upper culvert

20.Nfk Deer Cr culvert at 514 rd

21.Nfk Deer Cr culvert at 24 rd

22.Buck Cr upper culvert

23.Vester Cr culvert

24.Blue Cr lower culvert

25.Corral Cr upper culvert

26.Corral Cr middle culvert

27.Corral Cr lower culvert

1.Duncan Cr Fence Headcut

2.Sfk Murderers lower Falls near mouth

3.Tex Cr dry channel

4.Todd Cr Headcut

5.Murderers Cr Falls

6.Sugar Cr culvert

7.Lemon Cr culvert #1

8.Lemon Cr culvert #2

9.Lemon Cr culvert #3

10.Tennessee Cr culvert #2

11.Tennessee Cr culvert #3

12.Thorn Cr culvert #4

13.Thorn Cr culvert #8

14.Duncan Cr  Lower culvert

15.Duncan Cr East culvert

16.Duncan Cr West culvert

17.Thorn Cr culvert #2

18.Thorn Cr culvert #3

19.Thorn Cr culvert #5

20.Thorn Cr culvert #6

21.Thorn Cr culvert #7

22.Oregon Mine culvert #2

23.Dans Cr dual culverts #1

24.Tex Cr culvert #2

25.Duncan Cr 4 ft Falls

26.Duncan Cr 2 ft Falls

27.Sfk Murderers Cr upper Falls

28.Sfk of Murderers Cr rock check dams

29.Sfk of Murderers Cr dry channel

30.Sfk of Murderers Cr headcuts

31.Sfk of Murderers Cr culvert #3

32.Thorn Cr culvert #1

33.Tennessee Cr culvert #1

34.Oregon Mine culvert #1

35.Murderers Cr @ 060 road

36.Murderers Cr culvert @2180 road

37.Murderers Cr culvert @ 233 road

38.Murderers Cr culvert @ 137 road

39.Charlie Mack Cr culvert @ 21 road

40.Basin Cr culvert #2

41.Basin Cr culvert #1

42.White Cr culvert @ 21 road

43.Tex Cr culverts @ 21 road

44.Sfk of Murderers Cr @ 2490 road

45.Sfk of Murderers Cr @ 209 road

46.Dans Cr culvert @262 road

47.Orange Cr culvert @ 233 road

Cougar Creek Shapefile

Deer Creek Shapefile

Murderers Creek Shapefile

South Fork John Day Fish Passage Barrier Inventory Final Report

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