South Fork John Day Watershed Council

Advice from a River - Go with the Flow. Immerse yourself in nature. Slow Down and Meander. Go around the obstacles. Be thoughtful of those downstream. Stay Current. The beauty is in the journey. - Ilan Shamir

Ongoing Programs and Projects


  • Juniper Removal
  • Upland Water Developments
  • Aspen Enhancements
  • Forest Health
  • Noxious Weed Control
  • Riparian Restoration


  • Aspen Inventory
  • Chinook Distribution Monitoring
  • Fish Passage Barrier Inventory
  • Whitetop Biological Control Pre-release Monitoring
  • Hounds Tongue Biological Control Pre-release Monitoring
  • South Fork Fire Rehabilitation Effectiveness Monitoring


150 East Main Street, Suite 102, John Day, Oregon 97845, 541-620-5739