Amy Stiner
Executive Director

Lindsay Bullock
Office Manager

Hannah Latzo
Project Manager

The Council employs two full time staff members, an executive director and project manager, who work together to develop and implement a wide range of collaborative projects in the watershed, and one part time office manager who supports business operations.

Joanne Keerins, Chair
Mike Keerins, Alternate
Keerins Century Ranch

Phil St. Clair, Vice Chair
Kristi St. Clair, Alternate
Rocking 9 Ranch

Scott Hess, Secretary/Treasurer
Jackass Creek Ranch

Richard Nelson, Director
IZ Ranch

Jeff Maben, Director
Western Juniper Alliance

MT Anderson, Director
Double R Ranch, LLC
High Desert Cattle Co.

Jim Dovenberg, Director
Widows Creek Ranch

Kyle Sullivan, Associate Director
Grant Soil Water Conservation District


The South Fork John Day Watershed Council began in the late 1980s as private landowners and different government agencies working to improve the area. The Founding Board Members are joined by landowners and members of land management agencies residing and operating within the Council's boundaries.

If you're interested in joining our Board of Directors, please reach out!

We appreciate the help and hard work from many partners who share our vision of an improved watershed ecosystem. The Council has developed working partnerships with well over a dozen agencies and land managers, many represented here, as well as numerous private landowners, of which the South Fork service area has over 500. Capacity funding and collaborative partnerships are vital in keeping boots on the ground, building working relationships, meeting with landowners, and assembling effective high quality watershed wide projects that are effective in achieving our mission.